11. März 2099

entity / skynjun

This videopiece was part of an exhibition in dialogue with the painter Alice Nadjarian. 
It was realized in an exhibition space in the Art Academy of Iceland in Reykjavík.

Even though we have very different working methods, we wanted to create a dialogue on several layers:

1) We decided to work together on a specific landmark, each in our on way. Our chosen landmark was a stranded rock, a former skerry, on the coastline of Reykjavik. While Alice was working on paintings and drawings of the rock, my focus was to build a narrative around meeting this rock.

2) Alice transformed two photographs I took at an earlier visit to Iceland into paintings with their own language and style, but without losing the reference to my photographs.

3) I took two of Alices paintings, aligned a music sheet, and composed following the lines of her drawings. The result are two sound pieces.

4) After her paintings were done, I took Alices palettes, and tried to reverse her mixture of colors. My attempt was to get back to the original colors, by literally breaking the palette into many little pieces.

An excerpt of my video installation will soon be available here.

Alice Nadjarian & Sebastian Kraner taken by Chloe Kritharas Devienne , 2016

17. Mai 2016

Break my Silence

This installation was part of a collective exhibition in Reykjavík, Iceland.

It took place in the abandoned rooms of the former "Kling og Bang" Gallery in Hverfisgata.
The whole concept was based on the topic of "Silence", even though the title of the exhibition was "Baeng". 

My piece was breaking with this Silence. I decorated a room completely with the material I found in the former gallery. My intention was to create an atmosphere, as if people had just left the space. Posters on the wall, books in the shelf, a mattress. A table with empty wine glasses and full ashtrays.

I measured the resonance frequency of the room & installed a huge subwoofer.
It created an ongoing low tone, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

Through the vibration, the room was shaking, things were moving. Especially the glasses & objects on the table wandered around, eventually falling on the floor & breaking. 

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17. Mai 2016

Diokletian - Trailer

Lifes can be very ordinary. But sometimes in life, the ordinariness gets tossed by a single event.
And after this ride, you come down again, and ask yourself: What the fuck just happened?

A story about two friends on a treasurehunt through Bosnia and Croatia.
A story that challenges the borders of perception.
A story you will tell your children.
This is Diokletian.

... (c) 2015
short film (29min)

by and with Sebastian Kraner & Sebastian Kugler
subs by Sophie Höllige

11. Mai 2016

MKVE - dap

music film for dap
photography by sebastian kraner
shot in the world


get the MKVE - Album SO BE IT :



23. Dezember 2015